or slip through (or sink within)
Jason Robert Brown - Opening: The New World
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Opening: The New World || Songs for a New World

it’s weird how your self-concept depends so much on how you’re feeling in any given moment. like how you can think you’re over something and conceive of yourself in a different way simply because you aren’t feeling a particular way at the moment. how the way you’re feeling now dominates all past/future emotions

oh hi

oh hi

We who are still half alive, living in the often fibrillating heartland of a senescent capitalism—can we do more than reflect the decay around and within us? Can we do more than sing our sad and bitter songs of disillusion and defeat?
R. D. Laing, The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise

seen in philly at 17th and pine.


seen in philly at 17th and pine.

We want an immediate end to POLICE BRUTALITY and MURDER of black people.
Point 7 of the Black Panther Party Platform and Ten-Point Program, October 1966 (via daughterofzami)
youre allowed to feel bad and i still like you when youre unhappy


They become part of who you are or they destroy you.

Lorde - Ribs
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Ribs || Lorde



do NOT call the cops on somebody for having a psychological breakdown oh my fucking god TALK TO THEM FIRST

If you call the cops on someone having a psych breakdown (or autistic meltdown), I’m going to assume it’s because you want that person dead.

If you wanna be free, below the ground’s the only place to be. ‘Cause in this life you spend time running from depravity.
Janelle Monáe, “Cold War”

Cold War || Janelle Monáe